Summer school March 2017

Developing science into practice, including stakeholder involvement

The first INSPIRATION network summer school was hosted in Manchester, UK, 20-22 March 2017 on the theme of Developing science into practice, including stakeholder involvement. The summer school was combined with the first workshop, focused on project management and effective knowledge transfer (click here). Using conceptual presentations, group discussion and task-based activities, the participants were introduced to various strategies for effective science dissemination and outreach, and developing science into practice. This included a group-based exercise to develop a technology output from their specific work package. The fellows had to make presentations in a "Dragon's Den"-style format to their supervisors to explain the technology product, the innovation involved and how they would bring it to market to make it a success. They had to answer questions from the panel on all aspects of their proposed technology, from design concept through to technical development challenges to marketing and stakeholder engagement. It encouraged them to define clear objectives, set realistic goals and consider the importance of effective communication to non-specialist audiences.


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