Workshop March 2018

Innovative methods for solute flux measurement in the subsurface environment, with practical field training

This workshop, hosted at VITO in Belgium from 7-9 March 2018, introduced the principles and applications of innovative approaches available for sampling groundwater using solute flux-based concepts. It was attended by many fellows and a wide range of external participants from different sectors of the environmental engineering community. Over the three days the participants gained a deeper understanding of the theory which underpins this approach and the different methods available, via a series of in-class lectures and exercises, supported by hands-on field training with different technologies to demonstrate specific applications.

The technical scope covered good practice and potential problems in current groundwater sampling, with a comparison of advantages and improvements provided by passive sampling techniques for the measurement of solute fluxes. The value of tracer-based approaches for monitoring solute transport in the subsurface was also discussed. Practical field training in the different methods and technologies described was hosted at one of the University of Liege's research sites, where participants gained experience in using conventional and passive groundwater sampling devices. Back in class, they worked on a case study in small groups to interpret results obtained by these sampling approaches and gave presentations on their findings in an open discussion.

The workshop was presented by researchers from Inspiration partners VITO, Geolys, and the University of Liege, with guest speakers from iFLUX, who are developing applications of these new sampling technologies.


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